Where have I been the past few months?

Where did I go? I'm SO confused!

You know, when I originally launched this site, I fully intended to make an honest effort to at least try to blog once a month. Clearly things did not go as planned and so this site has been somewhat neglected the past few months. But fear not. I will do my best to try again. It may not always be web/design related, but I’ll try to write something for my single digits of visitors. (more…)

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Should IE 6 Still Be Supported?

should we still support internet explorer 6?

So, I asked this question to a few people the other day. Should IE 6 still be supported? As a web & multimedia designer who wants to keep moving ahead to take advantage of the mouth-watering offerings of the latest browser technologies, IE 6 definitely holds us back to some degree. Now I know there are always work-arounds, but with IE9 just around the corner, is there any point anymore? (more…)

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